Sunday, March 8, 2015

Anti aging is gotten even easier with Smart Brow exclusively at Claude Thomas Salon and Spa

Anti-Aging Tips for Thinning Eyebrows

When we think about aging,  the first thing that comes to mind is wrinkles. But there's another issue that we often ignore, one that adds years to our age even way before our first wrinkle appears.  

Thinning Eyebrows

Loss of eyebrow hair can affect most of us early. As soon as our 30's and can peak as soon as age 45. And if you've tweezed avidly at any point in your life, chances are you will be one of those who would be hit hardest. While eyebrow loss is difficult to stop, there are simple ways to get back fuller, more youthful eyebrows and will not require needles or any surgery at all.

Whether your eyebrows are thinning, graying or fading, these three simple tips will help you restore fuller eyebrows and regain a youthful-looking appearance. 

1     Put the Tweezers Down
       The first thing you need to do is to give your eyebrow hairs a break. Tweezing or plucking your eyebrows can create more damage, so let a professional (esthetician)  who knows what hair to      address. Give your eyebrows some time to regrow back, and if it needs grooming, it’s best to leave the plucking to the professionals. 

 2 Shape Accordingly
        Don’t let trends dictate your eyebrow shape. What looks good on others,
 for instance your favorite   celeb, may not necessarily look good on you.
 Your best brow shape depends largely on the shape of your face,
 your brow line and the shape of your eyes.
 Once you know your facial shape, shape your brows in a way that will enhance it.
     Our esthetician can help you discover that perfect brow shape for you

 3  Forget Pencils and Shadows
      Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find makeup products—like brow pencils and shadows—      designed to fill in gaps and give you the look of thicker eyebrows. 
However, drawn-in brows look flat and unnatural. 

So what can you use to make your eyebrows look like they’re really yours? 
Answer:  Smart Brow

         Enter: SmartBrow which, as it's name suggests, is an innovative way to regain fuller more youthful brows.

What sets it apart from pencils and powders is it's unique formulation, which leverages polymers and binds microscopic hair like fibers to your existing brow. 

It fills in any thinning or sparse spots, making your eyebrow look naturally full.

The best thing about it is:
It is semi-permanent, meaning it won't budge or smudge or transfer even after sweating or bathing, but can be easily removed with it's corresponding cleanser. 
How easy is that?


The "next best thing" about all of this is:---- 
it is at Claude Thomas,
 where we will demonstrate how it works and show you your perfect shape for your perfect brow! 

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