Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring and summer is upon us....YEA! And this starts the Keratin Treatment and Thermal Reconditioning season

Keratin Treatment
Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal Reconditioning is a permanent hair straightening system that transforms frizzy, curly, wavy hair into straight hair while preserving the hair integrity. This straightening system creates a softer feel to the hair and delivers sheen and shine to the hair while providing a drastic improvement in hair manageability. This system creates sleek, smooth, shiny hair. 

Restrictions:  not recommended to use on extremely damaged hair, High lifted color treated hair or hair previous straightened with systems that contain sodium or hydroxide.

Thermal Reconditioning straightening is a cornstarch-based system that creates a non-coating straightening system that uses heat oxidation to seal and rebuild it from the inside using the formulations and special irons that reach an approximately 350 degree.  60% of the straightening process is in the precise manual flat ironing process. The hair that was straightened by the thermal reconditioning will not revert back to it's curly or frizzy state. This means that the straighten hair is permanent.

A touch up can be done to the hair that has grown out, not the previously treated hair. Touch ups can be done within a 6 month frame up to a year. The touch up time is determined by the intensity of the curl and frizz.

Benefits: Your result;  which is straight, silky, shiny, manageable hair. The hair that was processed is now permanently straight. Your styling time will be cut in half or more. Any type of humidity will not impact you, nor your hair. 

Keratin Treatment  is a hair straightening system that can be used on any type of curl, frizz, or hair condition, even damaged hair or bleach blonde hair. The Keratin treatment uses the natural keratin protein that is in the hair and uses a precisely heated iron in a specific technique to seal the keratin into the hair.  
Some Keratin treatment systems have designed formulation to give customized results. We at Claude Thomas Salon use Global Keratin which is formulated to give customized results.
From keeping the curl but eliminating the frizz  
 straightening the curl and eliminating the frizz.

Claude Thomas salon has over 16 years experience in Thermal Reconditioning and 12 years experience in Keratin Treatments. We have certifications in over 11 different system in keratin treatments and thermal reconditioning treatments

Benefits: Silky smoother hair devoid of FRIZZ. A Time Saver.  Styling your hair can be 40% to 60% less time.  Light Rain or humidity will not effect your hair. No Frizz factor. Curl factor is not a factor any more. This treatment can be used on hair that isn't even curly but has some frizz or just damaged hair. Keratin can be used as a restorative treatment. On any type of hair, it will strengthen the hair shaft, smooth the cuticles of the hair and make the hair more resilient. 

How long does it last?
Dependent on how often you wash your hair and using the proper  Shampoo and conditioner recommended by the stylist, it can last 3 to 5 months.

With these straightening systems you will never have to experience the dreaded "FRIZZ FACTOR' again.