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Newest Trends of Hair and Makeup for the Winter of 2014-2015

Bobs and Lobs: Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale's lob is a perfect fit for her face shape and hits right between her collarbone and shoulders. I love how it is styled with waves that don't try too hard; they keep her looking youthful without overly young—a spot-on style for a 20-something. And those lips? 
Bobs and Lobs: Taylor Schilling

Take note: wavy lobs with the thinner side tucked behind the ear = instant chic. Taylor Schilling's asymmetrical hair balances her one-shouldered dress. We see what you did there.
Bobs and Lobs: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss
Every time I see these blonde, statuesque beauties, I do a double take. Both Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are keeping their coifs shorter lately.. Swift's style has a gentler wave and some side-bang, whereas Kloss' hair is longer and features a bit more curl.  It works for both of them.

Texture Takeover: Zendaya
This starlet isn't afraid to make a statement with her red-carpet look. I almost didn't notice her tummy-baring outfit.  And that touch of 90s is just enough. I really admire her amazing curls. You Go Girl.
Texture Takeover: Jordin Sparks
In Jordin Sparks' case, I think more is more. The curls, the sombre color,  plunging sequined gown and septum piercing are all statement-making looks.  The dress and hair even have me thinking she was channeling a little bit of Diana Ross
Texture Takeover: Diana Ross
I would expect nothing less from this legendary lady, and she clearly hasn't become any less fierce with time.
Amazing, beautiful and class through and through. 

Fall and winter are wonderful times to break out deep, highly pigmented lip color, and AMAs stars did not disappoint.
 Olivia Munn wore an intense hue that had me thinking of Bordeaux and berries.

Bold Lip: Kylie Jenner
The Jenner-Kardashian clan are nothing if not trendsetters (whether you like them or not). The youngest sister, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, stunned with red-brown lips and her infamous exaggerated lipline; the color was a nearly perfect match for her plunging dress.

Bold Lip: Lucy Hale
Hale was on her game, from head to toe. Lucy lands a spot in another trending category for her burgundy lips that seem the perfect shade for her black dress.
Nude Lip: Jennifer Lopez
 J.Lo seems to never ever age?  The forever-young Lopez didn't need to do too much with her lip color; between her incredibly-fit dress and artfully smudged eye makeup, a nude lip was just what she needed.

Nude Lip: Kendall Jenner
Another Kardashian-Jenner clan.  Model Kendall Jenner looked effortless in the way that models tend to look with simple, center-parted hair and a light lip.
Nude Lip: Dianna Agron
Nude Lip: Dianna Agron
Another of  trendsetting troupe is actress Dianna Agron. Agron tends to hop between romantic, feminine styles and rocker-glam looks, and this one is definitely the latter. Her smoky eye and disheveled updo complemenst her understated lip perfectly.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Claude Thomas's Salon and Med Spa Dermaplaning Treatments has benefits for any type of Skin

Dermaplaning is a safe and non-invasive way
 to help rejuvenate skin.

Dermaplaning is a relatively new form of manual exfoliation meant to be performed primarily on the face. Dermaplaning is an advanced SkinLaze™ procedure for exfoliating the outer layer of your skin (called the epidermis) and removing the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) on your face.  Also known as leveling the skin or simply blading, the actual treatment is performed by a licensed practitioner and involves the use of a sterile surgical blade, known as a dermatome.  The dermatome is held against taut skin at a 45-degree angle and stroked in a manner similar to shaving.  This method removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Dermaplaning is also known as surgical scraping as it uses a blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz that contributes to a lackluster appearance. Dermaplaning is perfect for anyone who has uneven skin texture and tone and is looking for a safe, painless way to smooth their skin and have baby soft soft skin. Benefits of Dermaplaning include:
 1.) helps to refinish top layers
 2.) removes "peach fuzz" which can trap excess dirt and oil
3.) smooths the skins surface
 4.) enhances the effectiveness of other treatments
 5.) helps with product penetration 

Before and Afters

 It is recommended that the procedure be done every 3 to 4 weeks (or once a month), which coincides with a normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days.  Along with sloughing away dead skin cells, dermaplaning can help reduce the visibility of acne scarring and slight wrinkling, as well as do away with extraneous vellous (translucent) hairs on the face.  If desired, the procedure can be followed with a chemical peel, though this could potentially cause the skin to peel due to over-exfoliation.
Is this right for you?

Dermaplaning is ideal for those with uneven skin, acne scarring, and fine lines around their mouth and eyes and removes  and peach fuzz on their face. Dermaplaning can also serve as an adequate treatment for men who suffer from razor burn and bumps caused by shaving.  However, because the procedure is a healthy treatment for the skin on your face, almost all people can benefit from the skin rejuvenation that dermaplaning promotes, no matter what skin color and skin type for any  male or female

There are several benefits to blading that may make it the ideal method of skin exfoliation for you.  First of all, no chemicals are involved, which means less irritation for your newly sensitive skin.  Secondly, a session will generally last no more than 30 minutes and won’t leave you with a red, swollen complexion afterwards.  In fact, results can be noticed immediately.  Furthermore, because the blade being used is small, dermaplaning can target specific problem areas more easily and skillfully than other procedures that use larger instruments and focus on the face as a whole.  To top that off, dermaplaning generally costs around $100 per session, which is relatively cheap compared to similar procedures such as TCA peels ($800) and dermabrasion ($1,500 to $2,000). 

Get immediate results for minimal cost and no down time.

This treatment can be added to your skin rejuvenation regime of Microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, Meta therapy and beneficial facial treatments to intensify your results

Claude Thomas's  Med spa is known throughout the US for our innovative and forward thinking for the latest skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures

Claude Thomas Salon and Spa
33 E Northwest highway 
Palatine Il 60067

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The "It" Cut for Fall/Winter

The "IT cut for this Fall and Winter

Movement, a full crown and a glamorously side-swept front: It's the '60s bob, and it's the "it" cut for fall/winter 2014.

click image to zoom
The look of this fashion was inspired by the shape over shape concept seen in fashion as well as the mixed medium of prints and sheers overlapping in one look and the unmistakable '60s vibe, so this hair cut  incorporates all these elements into a cut that is on trend, wearable and salon-friendly.
Weight and airy volume combine to make the "IT"  bob really stand out. It's not a replica of a 1960s bob; it's an updated version that has movement, is easy to style and looks fresh a couple days after shampoo because rounded layers are easily texturized.
-Blowdry with Pureology Root Lift before cutting to better determine length and blending.
-Over direct layers up and over to the opposite side of the head and cut bluntly to create a rounded type of layer that encourages volume. Bottom layers will be shorter than the top.
-Layer first and create the perimeter second.
-Using zigzag sections below the part creates shorter pieces to compliment the long layers that fall over them for gracefully blended volume.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Can You Wear This Hot Hair Trend?? YES!! What You Need To Know To Rock these Hair Colors

What's the hottest hair trend right now? It's candy-colored vibrant hair! 
This style has a way of transforming any outfit into a fashion statement. 
It's a bold, stylish way to showcase your individuality and have  everyone doing a double take.  HHere is a  guide to rocking this cool hair trend the right way!


• Pick a color you like and can wear easily. Stick to a "neutral" pastel color such as pink, peach, blue, violet, mint, etc. It will be easier to match your clothes and accessories with a softer color.
• Stick to one shade of color. If you want to get creative and dye your hair two different colors, be sure the colors blend well together -- such as blue and purple or blue and pink. Don't go for more than two colors at first.

• Make sure the color complements your skin tone. "Your skin tone is the basis to your hair so you want to make sure they complement one another," says Madame Claude. Does your skin have warm, more yellowish tone or does it have a cool, more pinkish tone? The more contrast between your hair color and skin tone, the more dramatic your look will appear. If you choose a hair color that is similar to your eye color or complements it, the combination will give a more natural look. It all depends on the look you are going for, not everyone wants the natural look.
• Consider different ways to highlight the hair. Think about whether you want to dye your hair one solid color or highlight it. Ombre gives a more natural blended look which starts with a darker color at the root of the hair to a lighter finish at the end using the same color tone.

• Make your  consultation with our stylist colorists. Choosing a hair color can be difficult and terrifying at the same time. If you're permanently dyeing your hair, you want to make sure you speak to our stylists about the color as well as the safest way to do it.

To get candy-colored hair, you most likely have to bleach or use high lift tints on your hair. Bleaching your hair eliminatessome of your natural oils. Here are Madame Claude's tips on how to maintain and/or restore your hair's health after any high lift coloring

• The colder the better. It is better to wash your hair with cooler water.
• Use sulfate and parabin - free shampoos.
* Use the recommended  products (shampoos, conditioner, styling products and serums that your stylist recommends
• Use a deep conditioning treatment for your hair every time you wash your hair
• Avoid washing your hair everyday. Try to go some time between washes. If your hair gets dirty easily, use our recommended dry shampoo -- it can be a lifesaver.
• Put vinegar in your hair after dyeing it. Research shows that applying vinegar to freshly dyed hair can help the color hold better.
• Use heating tools properly. Such as hair straighteners and curling irons. Ask your stylist about the proper way to use your iron on your hair
• Use hair serums. Hair serums coat your hair and protect it from the heat caused when styling it. It also prevents everyone's worst nightmare: FRIZZ


If you are not ready or do not want to commit with coloring your hair with high lift you can try some of these alternatives to permanently dyeing your hair

• Hair Chalking. Hair chalking is a quick, simple and an inexpensive alternative to dyeing your hair and it will wash out.
• Color hair extensions. These extensions will add that pop of color to your hair without having to color your own hair.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Ten Commandments of Curly Hair and the Best Cutting techniques for Curly Hair

1. TOO MUCH TOUCHING. Curly hair does not react well to touch. Actually the more you run your hands through the bouncy locks, the more the roughing up the cuticle layer, causing more frizz and collapsing the curl.

2. DRINK UP. Curls need moisture! LOTS of moisture. When searching for curly hair products look for brands featuring high quality ingredients with a variety of oils to leave curly hair feeling vibrant and luxurious.

3. THE MORE THE MERRIER. Layering products creates a great effect for curls. For example, start with a leave in conditioner to balance the hair's moisture and eliminate frizz then go to a defining product to add fullness and movement rather than cocktailing the two together each product serves a purpose!

4. NO WET DOG LOOK. The infamous scrunch look is not desired by many but ends up being the result. No one with natural curls should look like they were left out in the rain.

5. WATCH OUT FOR THE LENGTH. Curly hair can be deceiving because you won't notice the growth until your "once in a blue moon" blowout, but the dead ends are still there and need to come off. A regular trim will bring back shape and life to the style.

6. BE AWARE. Not all curls are equal! Growth patterns and texture are different all over the head but especially with curls. Using products that not only enhance curls where needed, but also tame frizz .
7. START FRESH. Product build up will cause curls to loosen or flatten out. This can happen with any hair type. But when you notice your curls just aren't springing up like normal, make sure to cleanse the hair thoroughly prior to styling and check for waxes and silicones on the ingredient list of your at home product regimen.

8. CONFIDENCE IS KEY. For clients going natural, they are looking for you to validate their decision. One just needs to embrace what is natural.

9. BRUSHES STAY BACK. Brushing curly hair is not always necessary. Opt for a microfiber towel instead to blot dry and then continue to apply product.

10. EDUCATION. 65% of women have curl or wave in their hair! It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest in texture education.

Unique textures call for unique cutting techniques. 

Carve and Slice
Depending on the density of the hair, one slices—takes a little—or carves—takes a lot. The technique goes to the depth of the curl, following the curvature of the curl, allowing the curls to “puzzle” into each other.

Dry Cutting
The stylists prep for a curly cut by trusting their intuitive eye and their visual eye, says “Madame Claude” The owner and creative director of Claude Thomas Salon and Spa . “If the hair is wet, you’re not seeing it in its natural form, as you wear it.”

 Lacing involves cutting into a wave formation and wave pattern in a freehand fashion. This loosens up the top of the hair without layering it. This technique starts with sectioning the hair on top of the head at either side of the part. The section is about two inches on each side of the part. No tension is applied to the hair as you cut in freehand to form a wave.  Lacing begins cutting from the ends of the hair toward the roots. Each section is treated separately, and only blend visually.

Tunnel Cut
Tunnel cut technique is designed for highly textured hair types. It is a controlled technique in which carefully selected pieces of the hair are removed from the bulkiest sections of the hair. This technique starts with playing with the hair to find out where it is most dense, looking for the natural part and the natural direction of hair growth. This information is vital so the tunnels will always remain invisible. Cutting the tunnels in the same place every time avoids the need for over cutting and over thinning. As the hair reaches the desired length, certain tunnels are no longer needed.

Freehand Slice
This technique will add more texture to hair, slicing into the hair toward the ends and point cutting straight down into the hair. The hair is held out at a 45-degree angle, letting it fall freely, slicing directly into the hair up to one to two inches from the ends.

Three more Techniques for cutting Curly Hair
• Bricking: In this bold technique, blunt (up to 1/4 inch) snips are made throughout a section to create space between the curls. This technique helps remove density by collapsing the shape.

• Stair Stepping: Vertical sections are cut short to long, one piece at a time, 1/4 inch deep, every 1 1/2 inches or so. “Use the tips of your shears and move along the section as in a  walking up or down  motion

• Whittling: Sections of hair are pinched or twisted, and the tips of the shears nip along the surface of the length of the section, without cutting all the way through. This technique doesn't remove length, it creates a thatch-like texture. It’s great for short and medium length curly hair.

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A look inside Claude Thomas Salon and Spa

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Is Plastic Surgery getting more popular with Men?

More men are opting for cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate their looks and stay competitive in the dating and job markets
Ralph Spencer, A Pennsylvania apple and pear farmer who is 70 years old, is one of an estimated million men in America who had some type of aesthetic surgery done in 2013.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, In the US,  about 10 % of all cosmetic procedures are done on males., . Procedures men choose most often are rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eyelid surgery, face lifts, breast reduction, and liposuction. Their reasons for seeking aesthetic surgery, including rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures, vary from man to man.
Spence, the farmer from PA, decided to get upper and lower eyelid surgery for both practical and cosmetic reasons. He said he'd noticed changes around his eyes, such as drooping lids and puffiness, which concerned him. He wanted to look good for a woman with whom he was in a relationship, but he also found out from his optometrist that these changes were affecting his range of vision.
So, he started looking into plastic surgery. Initially, he considered a full facelift, but he said that he didn't think his whole face had changed enough to warrant that. Instead, he went with work around the eyes.

Because sun exposure is a concern for healing skin after surgery, Spencer scheduled the procedure for late winter, when he would be able to stay indoors, catching up on the paperwork, bookkeeping, and desk duties related to farming through the year. By the time he needed to get back out in the orchards, his eye surgeries were healing well.

Plastic Surgery for Men:
Spencer’s reasons  reflect many of the reasons why  men may want Plastic Surgery. The pressure to be physically appealing to romantic partners and also competitive in a tough job market leads many men to consider cosmetic procedures, he said. The whole emphasis on youth has extended so men want to appear youthful socially a lot longer."
Cosmetic procedures can be a tougher sell for men, in part because they're not as accustomed as women to altering their appearance through makeup and hairstyling.  When men choose to proceed with a procedure a good plastic surgeon should educate men about their options so that they feel more comfortable with their desire for a new  look.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for patients, though, is gaining a realistic understanding of what to expect and time to heal.. Not giving yourself time to heal can foster fear that your results aren’t going to be what you hoped for, when you simply haven't waited for full healing.
The rule of 6-6-6 which is “Usually for the first six weeks postoperatively, there are natural changes in the body because surgery is an injury, such as swelling, discoloration, and a scar that is more prominent. Over the next six weeks, which gets you to three months out, the body recovers from the insult and stops building scar. And, then at six months, the scar is resolving and you’re on your way.”
Botox for Men:
Botox offers a relatively low cost and commitment option that appeals to a lot of men.
Though women are generally relatively open about their procedures, men are incredibly secretive,. As a result, men opt for cosmetic surgery procedures that are less obvious and for which healing can be carefully scheduled.
An occasional Botox injection to help erase crow’s feet or brow lines, for instance, might be more appealing to men than a total facelift and its attendant longer-term recovery.
Okay Men you want to Seal the Deal on Cosmetic Surgery
If you’re a man interested in a cosmetic procedure,  “do your homework."  Take time to learn about your options, and find the right doctor and/or medical team for you and your needs You’ll also need to do some background research to learn about your plastic surgeon. Look at their board certifications, the number of similar procedures they've done, and patient referrals
Also, feel free (and brave enough!) to talk with others about their experiences to get referrals and ideas. And don't hesitate to take someone with you to initial appointments. More men,than woman frequently come to consultations with their spouse or significant other for support and insight.
. Prices vary depending on geography and the market.  . If you live in a major urban area but have a tight budget, looking for plastic surgery clinics outside of the city center might offer some cost savings, even if you have to travel a bit farther. And once you start talking with the doctor of your choice, you might find that lower-cost options, such as Botox, achieve your goals as well as a higher-priced procedure.
But whatever you opt for, consider cosmetic procedures as an investment.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Claudia Tapp, Owner and Mentor of Claude Thomas Salon & Spa, Credentials and Certification

Claudia Tapp..AKA “CJ”..AKA “CP”..
AKA “Madame Claude”
Lists of Credentials and Certifications
My start in this amazing journey is Beauty school….. John and Lewis 1975
Started working in Sir Williams Hair Salon 5 months before graduating cosmetology school 1975
Advance courses at Pivot point (Leo Passage founder and creative genius) 1975 – 1976  all courses certified
·         3 day work shop on advanced creative hair dressing
·         5 day workshop  on advanced hair cutting and design
·         3 day work shop and hair coloring theory
·         2 day work shop on color correction and designer color techniques 
·         2 day workshop in dimensional hair coloring techniques
·         2 day workshop on high styling and updo
·         2 day workshop on clipper cuts and razor cuts
Advanced coarse at Vidal Sasson  (literally SHEAR genius) 1976-1979 all certified courses
·         3 day work shop on advanced Sassoon’s precision cutting techniques
·         1 day coarse on cutting theory and artistry taught by 
       Vidal himself  $$
·         5 day training for platform work and photo layouts under Sassoon
·         3 month training coarse for educator in Sasson products and sasson cutting theory
***Vidal asked me to join his team as a platform artist and what an opportunity that was  The chance of a lifetime . I attended the inter-Continental Coiffure Convention  in London  and Paris within the same year of 1979 through 1982
I was for over a year and half one of his platform artists and educator
Todays Hair from 1978 – 1982
Paul Glick,  a former hairstylist and owner for 16 years of the Paul Glick and Associates salon on North Michigan Avenue, was a world-famous style-setter, whose clients included movie stars, politicians, rock stars, TV personalities and the who's who of the city. certification
§  2 day seminar and hands on work shop for hair design and styling
§  2 day seminar  for hair cutistry
§  2 day work shop for color and highlight techniques
§  Assisted as his personal assistant for one week…. amazing how much I learned from that
 John Dellaria (celebrity stylist of the time) advanced training school in Boston location 1982 certified course
§  5 day work shop on the John Dellaria’s technique of hair design and hair cutistry.
Claude Perdot Triangles Salons of the top designers in Canada …location  British Columbia Vancouver  1983 certified coarse
§  4 day work seminar on hair cutting, hair design, and hair coloring techniques and theory
Zotos Corp Daren CT workshop all perms Re-texturing techniques and re-texturing theory  certification
·         3 day work shop all all techniques, pattering and theory

John Laurence Salon 1982-1989

Pivot point advanced training center certification
3  day coarse on braiding and hair weaves
Paul Glicks again certification
·         3 day Advanced hair cutting theory and color
            Wella Academy  Locations Chicago, and  New York  certification
·         6 month training for becoming a Wella educator on color and cutistry
·         3 month apprenticeship on platform artist for Wella
·         Platform artist and educator for about 2 years 1986 -1988

Zoto Corp.New therories of Re-tuxturizing concepts certification

  •       2 day theory conception on editorial and practical re-texturing and/or perms

            Jon Mario Salon from 1989-1994
            Pivot point advanced training center Chicago certified coarse in All method of hair extension…certification
·         5 day coarse in all aspects of hair extensions and hair weaves
·         1 day course on hair braiding
·         Certification in Cinderella hair extensions
·         Certification in Monkey barz hair extensions
          Paul Mitchell advance learning Miami, Chicago…certification
·         5-Day Cutting Foundations and Accelerated Cutting Evolution
·         3-Day Accelerated Cut and Color Evolution color theory
·         5 day coarse on platform and photo shoot layouts
          Redken advance classes  New York, Chicago and San Francisco..Certification
·         3 day workshop on advanced color theory and hair design
·         4 month certification coarse for educator for Redken
·         Platform artist  and educator for  Redken for 2.5 years 1991-1994
Wayne Grund  see referenace workshop on product and techniques in hair styling and hair design  certification
·         2 day coarse on hair design, coloring and products

Grand Opening of my first salon September 1995 Claude Thomas Salon and Spa 2300 sq ft.
Great lengths  Chicago location.. certification
·         3 days certification coarse
·         2 month certification course for educator, platform and photo layouts.
Invisible hair extensions Ventura Ca owner and inventor of this system Dawn Harrison ..certification
·         5 day certification on Invisible hair extensions and hair replacement for Trichotillomania and hair loss and thinning
·         3 day Master seminar in hair replacement
·         5 day training for educator and platform artist
Dome  hair extensions London England certification
·         2 day work shop for all methods of their hair extensions
Salon management and marketing Lake Geneva Il certification
·         3 day conference on salon and spa management and marketing
Hair locs Burbank Ca and Chicago certification
·         4 day workshop and certification on all methods of hair extensions under their company and the Newest system of hair locking
·         3 day advance coarse for certification on becoming an educator for hair Locs
Yuko Thermal Reconditioning or Japanese hair straightening Los Angeles Ca certification
·         5 day coarse for certification and educator
Pivot point advance training for all methods of hair extensions and hair weaves certification
·         3 day seminar refresher certification
TMA Medical hair replacement Chicago and Ft Lauderdale FL and certification
·         2 day Workshop and seminar on Medical hair loss and working with medical professional
I straight Niles Il thermal reconditioning workshop certification
·         2 day advanced thermal reconditioning and re-texturing 
Permanent Choices San Leandro, CA Permanent Makeup certification
·         5 day classes for certification in Permanent Makeup
          John Hashey’s Advanced School of Permanent Cosmetics certification
·         3 day seminar and workshop on advanced permanent makeup and coil machine for lips, eyeliner and eyebrows
TSA New jersey seminar and business blueprint and marketing seminar/conference accredited
·         3 day conference on business plan, and marketing, customere service and client retension
Onrite Ft Lauderdale FL hair replacement and Hair extensions Conference and seminar Boca Rattan Fl  certification
·         3 day classes on hair replacement and hair extension (all methods)

Renee of Paris and Noriko wig manufacturer workshop certification

·         2 day work shop on wig  construction and base construction , wig alterations, wig fitting and cutting in 

 SPCP Convention (Society for permanent Cosmetics) New Orleans  certification

·         3 day convention and hands on work shop in Permanent makeup

2004 to present .......
New Location of  Claude Thomas Salon 
and Spa   over 3000 ft. 

Global Keratin workshop for Keratin treatments in salon training certification
·         2 day workshop on keratin treatments and product knowledge
         I straight  Chicago  workshop in salon workshop certification
·         1 day in salon training on new formulations in thermal Reconditioning
       Onrite Gemtress Ultratress conference in Bocca Ratton  FL workshops certification
·         3 day conference and workshop classes on synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, hair extensions, crown hair extensions and hair replacement
    SoCap  Chicago  hair extension workshop certification
·         1 day workshop on their hair extensions
     Hot Heads  Chicago hair extension workshop  certification
·         1 day work shop on their seamless and strand by strand hair extensions certification
     Thicken it  Chicago  hair extension work shop certification
·         2 day work shop on seamless hair extensions and crown hair extensions
    Robert  Cromeans Seriously industry outlook  completed coarse and certified
·         Salon and spa business building foundations and formulas and business planning.

Hair Dreams Hair extensions and crown hair extensions, crown pieces Torrance CA certification
·         3 day workshop on hair extensions and crown hair extensions
    Haronix permanent makeup  Ft Laurdale FL work shop on Permanent makeup and  skin rejuvenation
·         2 day hands on techniques in Permanent Makeup
    Taiwan Vern 3 dimensional power cutting Boca Rattan FL certification
·         4 days of revolutionary new concepts in hair cutting
  Salon marketing Tool kit business systems and marketing Convention Columbus Ohio certification

·         3 day seninar on business foundations and marketing

This is just a list of coarses that I have certification and accreditation in. This excludes Hair Shows and a lot of seminars that do not have required certification for. The list of these amount over a 100 or so That I have attended
All these certification I signed up for and was paid by me, Not one of the salons I worked for ever paid for these classes and certification. I  am the one that takes full credit for all of my achievements and initiative to advance and further my expertise in my field. 

Certified in Vern shear Taiwanese hair cutting ...5 day class 
 and more will update later