Monday, September 22, 2014

The "It" Cut for Fall/Winter

The "IT cut for this Fall and Winter

Movement, a full crown and a glamorously side-swept front: It's the '60s bob, and it's the "it" cut for fall/winter 2014.

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The look of this fashion was inspired by the shape over shape concept seen in fashion as well as the mixed medium of prints and sheers overlapping in one look and the unmistakable '60s vibe, so this hair cut  incorporates all these elements into a cut that is on trend, wearable and salon-friendly.
Weight and airy volume combine to make the "IT"  bob really stand out. It's not a replica of a 1960s bob; it's an updated version that has movement, is easy to style and looks fresh a couple days after shampoo because rounded layers are easily texturized.
-Blowdry with Pureology Root Lift before cutting to better determine length and blending.
-Over direct layers up and over to the opposite side of the head and cut bluntly to create a rounded type of layer that encourages volume. Bottom layers will be shorter than the top.
-Layer first and create the perimeter second.
-Using zigzag sections below the part creates shorter pieces to compliment the long layers that fall over them for gracefully blended volume.

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