Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Grammys shows new Trends such as the Lobs, IT Bobs, Short Styles, and Loose Waves

The 2015 Grammy Awards featured styles I’ ve been excited about and  some editorial trends
The lobs, the it Bobs, short hair are back  and loose waves for long hair as  seen on the red carpet  These new looks are still cool and casual enough for any of our clients to be inspiried to the newest styles in hair
I am also excited to see wigs and hair pieces and add on hair and yes, extensions are still smoking hot!!. Catch the wave of wigs and the like, to change your hair on a whim or make it match a new outfit. Break the hair chains that bind us and look to all the possibilities for a change for a day or just a moment.

Lobs: Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry

The Grammys shows the that the tousled lob or It Bob is in as it gets.  Perry showcased a hard-to-miss wavy, lilac lob.  And the best part of it all…it was a wig….VERY COOL!
Interested in rocking the look more permanently, we have the Pravana color  and the expertise to create that cut design and  color
 Swift’s blonde lob with heavy side bangs gave way to her teal eyeliner and pink lips
Kardashian’s cut  'IT Bob'  gives me evidence that this “IT” is not on the way out anytime soon.
Kardashian was going for a very current, “model-y” look.
This look seems to be inspired by Kate Moss's “It” which is done in  edgy waves.

And Ora’s cropped, platinum blonde ’do was a favorite of the night. The pieced out, Funky-Punky, swept fringe style has all the drama of a short cut, with the disconnected longer pieces offer versatility.
Jessie J’s sleek, straight, side-parted style was simplistic, chic and stylish.
 The Disney star Zendaya debuted her new somewhat of  Mia Farrow-esque pixie cut, and the best part of it all it was a Wig…yes, it was a wig! I respect a girl that takes a risk with her hair – even if it’s only for a night.
Loose Waves: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Anna Kendrick

Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Anna Kendrick all sported with luscious loose waves.
Lady Gaga with glamorous waves in a silvery hue with a hint of lilac. Beyoncé’s long locks were styled into the perfect mermaid waves.
 And Anna Kendrick paired her men’s wear clothing look with side-swept sexy waves with modern update and added texture

: Iggy Azalea and Sia

Also worth mentioning are the less conventional looks of the night. Iggy Azalea’s crown braid was compared to both a bird’s nest and challah bread, but for those looking to go bold, we have that expertise to get you there.

On an even more out-there note, singer-songwriter Sia is  wearing a comically over-sized platinum wig with heavy bangs that hid her face. She was accompanied by 12-year-old Maggie Ziegler of ‘Dance Moms’ fame who was dressed like Sia’s mini-me clone and wore similar  white crimped wig. 

All of the Claude Thomas’s stylists are up to date in all the expertise for the  latest  trends in hair and hair coloring. Also our Estheticians are amazing with makeup and eyelash extensions.  We encourage all our clients to show us on your phone, mobile devices  or pictures, your inspirations of your envisioned  look for yourself. We also have any method of hair extensions, hair add-ons or wigs to go to any level  you want
 We always have the red carpet out for all our clients to strut down.

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