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What is the age appropriate length for woman's hair???????? Madame Claude has the answer

Your not in your teens,  nor your twenties and you are on your way out of your thirties...or you have now reached the forties ...fifties and possibly in to the sixties and you are asking,
 "What is the age appropriate hair length for my age."  
Answer:  There is no age appropriate length. 
What is appropriate is what looks best on you and meets your life style. So that means short, medium and long can work if it suits your face and creates the summitry to flatter your features.

  What will age us girls, is too thin of hair (can be fixed easily with Claude Thomas hair extensions) and  the wrong hair color (totally fixable too) and even though grey can be absolutely fabulous, if one does have  the right skin tone to carry it off, it becomes aging instead of fabulous. 
 Another aging look is Hair that looks flat, dull, frizzy and/or dry. Easy fix to that problem is use the recommended hair products your expert stylist informed you of and getting recommended hair treatments that are designed to elevate your particular hair problems.

Celebrity Examples

Lisa Rinna
40's Short
This style has Sex appeal with the feel of sportiness. This look is never over styled which says I am sexy and  lots of fun to be around.  This style looks best using styling creams with light to medium hold. When thinking shorter hair take your features into consideration . If you do not like your nose then you may not like the attention the shorter hair may draw to it. But shorter hair is a great way to show off great cheek bones  and  accentuate your eyes. Also think about what type of texture your hair is. If you have coarse and curly hair this style could be difficult to style and too fine of hair could look limpy and thin.

Cate Blanchett
40's layered Bob
I love this classic look for so very many reasons..
If you want a chic and classic look with carefree maintenance this is the style for you. Works great for lots of different textures and densities of hair.  This style work for many face shapes but if your face is very round extend the length to just above the shoulders and it will be Perfect for you.  Also if you have tighter curls extend the length and add a little more layering and viola...Perfection.  To create a more edgy  look layer the back more and create more elongation in the front.

40's longer Bob with a BANG (fringe)
Michelle Obama
Bangs have been in for at least 5 years now but it just needed that special person to set the trend in motion. Thanks Michelle for giving the push this trend needed.
She  just bounces with this Bob style which says I am a professional and fashionable.... . I have it all.
Her bangs (fringe) are rounded to her face and she looks amazing.

Jennifer Garner
Shoulder length hair is stunning and easy maintenance with endless styling options. The medium length can go from pony tail for casual and curls for a dresser or just more fun look. Jennifer's hair cut looks one length but really has  subtle long layers to give the style more movement and looks great  when curled

40's long and wavy
Jennifer Lopez
with Lopez's much younger  man and killer curves, she definitely makes the old rule of not having long hair after 40 very much outdated.  She's sexier than ever and her hair reflects that sexy attitude. Long works because of the textured layers in the front that opens up her face. Also the cut allows the curls to stay loose and  gives the hair the look of soft and flowing. With maintaining long hair one has to definitely use the right shampoos and conditioners to keep it looking shiny, healthy and youthful.

50's  spiky and short
Angela Bassett

There is nothing predictable about this anti-short short hair style.
This cut works on just about all textures of hair. This is an attention getter look
This look shows off all your facial feature off.
It can be tweaked by adding a short side-swept fringe.
This works great on certain head shapes but steer clear of this look if you have a flat head as it can make your head look square.

50"s BOB
Jodie foster

Jodie  achieved the life time achievement award for her body of works but she can also add to achievements "the perfect Bob". This look is ideal for finer hair. This classic style creates instant shape and definition for the  facial structure. Key point...see how the bob hits right under the chin...., going even an inch longer can make the cut look matronly.  If you want to soften up the look add side-swept bangs or a fringe..
This type of Bob is not recommended for thick and/or very textured hair as it will look too full and make this bob look like a broom.

50's longish
Julianne Moore
Julianne makes this length work for her because it is long but not over done. Her cut is clean and very defined. This style creates the look and feel of sophistication.  This style works great on fine and medium density hair.  This look is created by delineated layers from the color bone down with keeping the ends blunt.

50's the lob

Collar bone length hair old fashioned????   Not anymore . Why you ask??
Madonna is wearing i t.This a long texturized bob that can be worn both with waves or straight. This cut has lots of uneven peicey layers but if you have fine hair go easy on the layers. One thing that can happen in the 50's is thinning along the hair line and a off centered or side part helps with  correcting that problem.

60's Pixie
Isabella Rossellini
This type of Pixie cut spotlights the face. Fine featured and photogenic Isabella has this cut that is cut with soft edges to keep a feminine silhouette and is left a little longer around the ears and wispy around the forehead and neckline.

60's Mid-length with a heavy side-sweep
Jaclyn Smith

An angled fringe or just plain fringe is a great way to cover up any forehead lines.  As we say either botox or bangs. This look is just plain sexy on the right woman with the right hair. The length is flattering and light layering to create movement and versatility for wearing straight or curled.

60's Shaggy Lob
Diane Keaton
Diane's hair is cut just above the shoulders with long shattered and shaggy layers through the cut. This cut also works great for someone with thick or textured hair that does want to have maintenance with doing their hair. This cut can be as easy as wash and go. The side sweep adds lots of sex appeal and makes it flirty.
This cut also works great for thin or fine hair as well.

Great video to watch to appreciate who you really are


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