Thursday, April 18, 2013

Own your filler. Don't Rent it. Take ownership with Artefill

Injectable fillers seems to me  the easiest, fastest way to lift and fill in sagging skin. It minimizes to eliminates wrinkles and makes one look more youthful and healthy. Creating enough volume with injectable fillers can create literally a liquid face lift with minimal to no down time. A face lift without having to go under the knife. Seems a no brainer to me.

Now let's talk some more about fillers.  There are many different fillers and there is not one best filler for any wrinkle or area.  Also the filler is not as important as the level of skill, experience and knowledge of the Doctor injecting them. Without that in place, may as well take your money and burn it. I personally hate the fact that within 6 months to a year I have to start all over again. Foot note on a year, I personally never had any filler last past a 6 month time ever. This process of renting my fillers is timely, costly and when it is dissipating  from my injected areas I am not as confident in my appearance. So with that in mind I really only like my results for the first 3  months or so. Wow. now that I thinking about it, I like it for 3 months and the other  3 months I am not so happy with my appearance and then I start all over again. That's insane.

This insanity of this merry-go-round with fillers has a solution.

Is available in the United states and is the one the FDA approved filler that last from 5 to 10  years .
 You read me right, that is years not months.

What makes it so different from any other fillers. Just about everything.

  • It lasts 5 to 10 years
  • It last long enough so it can truly lift, lay down a foundation in the skin and fix the problems causing the sags and wrinkles. It does not just patch over them like all other fillers
  • Artefill filler can be to lift and fill in 
  • Many of the temporary fillers can only be injected into the facial lines themselves.This allows added weight to the area and let's gravity work more efficiently at pulling the skin down even more.
  • The longer a filler is around the more beneficial effects it has on the epidermis. Of coarse the longer the filler last the longer you will see studies tells even more good new about your filler having more longevity...New information is telling us that the filler is not just helping the dermis layer where it is injected but also the epidermis (the visible layer of our skin. All the activity that is going on in the dermis when the filler is injected starts re-energizing and rejuvenation in the epidermis layer. So the longer the filler is around the more the epidermis improves, LOVE IT
  • Artefill filler is smooth and integrates beautifully into the skin.
  • Artefill can lift cheek area to lift nasolabial folds and in jaw line lift jowls.
  • Artefill can be injected in the temporal areas to create volume that is lost ,which eliminates the aging skeletonized appearance and lifts eyebrows. This creates an immediate more youthful look.
  • Artefill in the forehead  lifts the brows and smooth out any Neanderthal look of brow and forehead junction and smooth out forehead lines
  • Artefill is so smooth it is the only filer that can be put under eyes  which can fill in dark circles  under the eyes and eye bags.
  • Artefill youthful face-lift without any surgery.
 He is a renown Plastic Surgeon through out the Midwest area. He is an educator  and trainer  for doctors  to learn the procedures of injecting  Artefill and how to integrate it into their practice. So as you can see his expertise in Artefill is unsurpassed. He is also an expert in using the Cannula technique to inject,  which makes bruising and swelling in patients minimal so his patients are back on their regular schedule and/or routines much sooner, sometimes as soon as the next day.

Dr Landon Pryor is our Plastic Surgeon who performs this treatment of the injectable face-lift of Artefill in our Med Spa .He has established himself throughout the Northwest area of Chicago for his plastic surgery and work with minimally invasive cosmetic treatments
* He is also an expert in using the Cannula technique to inject,  which makes bruising and swelling in patients minimal so his patients are back on their regular schedule and/or routines much sooner, sometimes as soon as the next day.
Dr Pryor is here at this location  on Fridays from 3:00 to 7:00 P.M.. He is an expert surgeon in Botox and Juvederm injectable. 
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