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Madame Claude's hair style suggestions

Medium-Length Hairstyle Ideas

If you're looking for a medium-length haircut,
take inspiration from these gorgeous celebrity hairstyles

Anne Hathaway

Academy Award–nominated actress Anne Hathaway sports a straight bob that's as modern and stylish as she is. "This look is a great look for women who are in the 20s on up to their 50s," says M. Claude. "For Anne the look is fresh, shows off her face, and gives a chic, super cool soft look."

Gwen Stefani

Rocker Gwen Stefani was once so synonymous with the pompadour that the hairstyle garnered the nickname Gwenadour. These days, the mom of two is often spotted wearing her hair down in a soft style. "What really makes this cut special is the '70s-chic length that hits at the collarbone," says . "It's a very versatile cut, which is why you're seeing this length become more and more popular — with enough length, you can achieve multiple styles and you're not stuck in one mode."

Heidi Klum

Supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum made waves when she cut her long hair in the spring of 2010. Since then, the versatile style has quickly become one of the most requested at salons across the country. With choppy layers and thick fringe, Klum's bob can be worn straight or curly depending on her mood. "This is absolutely an amazing new look for her, and I'm sure much easier around the house with her four kids," says Claude.
. "This convenient, youthful style can be very versatile and worn with beachy waves, defined Hollywood glamour curls, or simply straight," she says.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek wears her hair in an updated version of the classic Mary Tyler Moore cut. Her shoulder-length bob flips out at the ends, and she has swoopy bangs that soften her forehead. Of course, on sexy Salma the look is anything but demure. "Salma Hayek's subtle highlights bring out the warmth in her dark brown eyes," "Her bob gives off an aura of sophistication and confidence, bringing the attention back to her timeless beauty."

Christina Hendricks

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks doesn't only get noticed for her sexy full figure — her red hair and modern shag are attention grabbers, too. "Her cut and color bring out her gorgeous skin tone, and the length draws attention to her cheekbones and lips," says Madame Claude. The undone hairstyle hits past her shoulders and has long layers throughout to amp up the volume and wave of her fine-to-medium hair. The long side-swept bangs work for every face shape.

Katy Perry

California Girl Katy Perry is a pinup girl for the new millennium with the hairstyle to match — a choppy layered look with bangs that can either be worn blunt or pushed off to the side. "Katy Perry likes to be fun and frisky with her hair,"  "I love this length because it adds volume, and the short, piece-y side bang opens up her face. Adding color hair extensions is a great way to add fun and change your look without damaging your hair."

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton plays it coy with a longer bob that grazes her collarbone. The straight, side-parted style gives her brunette hue maximum shine. "Thandie Newton matches her sienna hair color to her eyes, making them both pop," says Claude. "Leaving her perfect bob just past her shoulders enhances her beautiful elongated neckline."

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is all grown up and has the sophisticated hairstyle to match. "Kelly always has fun with her hair and tries new things," . "The platinum color with the long, side-swept fringe, really adds some old Hollywood glamour to this elegant, yet edgy, look."

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was envied for her gorgeous long hairstyle until she cut it off into an even more impossibly chic angled bob. "Gwyneth can pull off anything, but this is a great length for her," Claude says. "It's a good example that you don't need very long hair to look or feel beautiful. The side part with a shoulder-length cut really accentuates her face shape and draws attention to her décolletage." The short hairstyle is as versatile as Paltrow and looks equally fetching straight or wavy, parted in the center or off to the side.

The Most Versatile Short Hairstyles

For effortless short hairstyles, take a cue from these gorgeous celebrity haircuts.

Michelle Williams

"Michelle Williams corners the market with her demure cropped bob, giving her an elegant Audrey Hepburn appeal that highlights her classic style,"  "Her zigzag side part and voluminous crown give her an old-Hollywood charm."

Victoria Beckham

"Victoria Beckham has traded in her signature 'Pob' for a more relaxed and fresh shaggy bob," "You'll notice looking at the perimeter of the hair that there isn't much definition, which contributes to the more relaxed and softer effect. I think this new, playful cut is a great new way for Posh to show off her more laid-back side." Because there's less definition, it's an easy wash-and-go style for busy women


Every time Rihanna gets her hair cut, women across the country dial up our salon. Since 2007, when the tress trendsetter first cut her long locks, her fearless hairstyles have been on the most-wanted list. She's a hair-color chameleon as well, opting for cherry red, ultrachunky blond highlights, and every color in between. "Rihanna keeps her shaved bob sexy with a long sweeping fringe and re-creating her highlights on a regular turn," says Madame Claude But it's the contrast of the buzzed side and long side-swept bangs that gives this look edginess and femininity.

Jessica Stroup

90210 actress Jessica Stroup has gone progressively shorter with her hair throughout the years, landing on this stylish short bob she wears with a deep side part and and side-swept bangs. "Jessica Stroup's doll-sized eyes and youthful sex appeal are enhanced to the hilt with her new cropped do, making her stand out from the herd of long layered brunettes in Hollywood," says Claude

Jennifer Hudson

"This cut was tailored to fit Jennifer Hudson's face shape and works really well with her hair texture,"  "Creating layers in thick hair will really help keep the style soft, movable, and feminine. Most important, this is a cut that is easy to style, which is great for someone like Jennifer who is always on the go!" Make sure to get regular trims to keep the style looking fresh, Madame Claude suggests.

Katharine McPhee

"Katharine McPhee transformed her look and presence by going for a hipster-chic new look,"  "Her bold transformation to blonde bombshell from predictable endless brunette layers gives her a surprising starlet quality that sets her apart from her peers." The angled bob works for McPhee's heart-shaped face — her front pieces hit mid-cheek, which makes her face look thinner.

Selma Blair

"Selma's cut is sophisticated and accentuates her gorgeous jawline," says Claude. "Her bangs are great because they're versatile; she can sweep them to the side for a softer look or blow-dry them straight for a more edgy, avant-garde look." Long fringe that grazes her eyebrows helps soften Blair's square jaw.


What singer Eve lost in inches when she cut her hair she gained in confidence. Eve's golden highlights show off her café-au-lait skin tone and the lines of the cut play off her strong jawline and bold sense of fashion.

Ginnifer Goodwin

When Ginnifer Goodwin traded her longer locks for this fetching pixie cut, she set herself apart from other actresses of her generation. "Ginnifer Goodwin and a few other celebs have been inspired by Justin Bieber's influential sweepy layers in the best way,".  You don't have to be blessed with Goodwin's porcelain skin and striking looks to wear this cut. Pixie cuts work for most face shapes, except for longer ones, and are best on straight or wavy hair.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a busy actress, wife, mom, and budding fashion designer, so it's no surprise her chic bob is in demand with multitasking women around the country. "The length is great because she has a long neck, and the cut brings out her cheekbones," says Claude. "What makes Katie Holmes's style sexier is the deep part that lines up with the brow arch." A word of caution if you're thinking about going for this cut yourself: It works best on straight, fine to medium hair. "For the most drama, this cut should end at the jawline, not much longer than that," Claudia says.

Your Guide to Long Hairstyles

Whether your hair is straight or curly, thick or thin, there are lots of different hairstyles that will work on long locks. Find the best style for your long hair.

Simply Beautiful

Long Hair With Long Layers

This cut (think Jennifer Aniston) is good because it creates movement and works whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, or straight. Long layers are perfect for styling with hot rollers to create long, flowing waves for day or evening. Or try braiding your hair when it's nearly dry, then unbraiding it before going out for a head full of gorgeous waves. If you're in the mood for a formal updo, long layers can easily be swept back into a sleek chignon. To create a tousled, sexy look, leave a few pieces loose to frame your face.

Long Layers With Side-Swept Bangs

 Soft, wavy layers with side-swept bangs (like Gabrielle Union's) is a terrific look for women who have bangs long enough to tuck behind their ears. Experts say this hairstyle is suitable for many different face shapes, making it a versatile and popular cut. And if you're lucky enough to have a natural wave to your hair, you can achieve maximum body and bounce with very little effort. If your hair is straight, there are several methods you can use to get this playful, voluminous look.

Long Hair With Short Layers

Layers are the best way to instantly add volume and dimension to any hairstyle. There's nothing sexier than uneven, tapered ends that accentuate the face. Layered long hair can be easily transformed to suit an elegant evening, a professional meeting, or a casual day out in the park. The best way to style long hair with short layers is to blow it out with a round brush with natural bristles while shaping the hair around the face.

Want a funkier look? Razor-cut layers create sharp, asymmetric lines for a dramatic rocker-chic style (think Kristen Stewart during the filming of The Runaways). Just keep in mind: Long hair with short layers requires more maintenance to keep it looking its best, which means a few more trips to the salon for trims. Your hair will also take longer to grow out when you're ready for a change.

Blunt Cut

Women with long hair that's fine or thin (such as Gwyneth Paltrow) may want to have their tresses trimmed to a simple blunt cut, with the hair all one length, since this look creates the illusion of thickness and volume. This cut works best for women who straighten their hair with a flat iron or have naturally pin-straight hair. When it's done properly, a blunt cut will perfectly frame the face.

Bang Your Head

Adding bangs to any long hairstyle can be stunning. Bangs that sweep to one side of the face can especially make for an alluring, mysterious look. Blunt-cut bangs that run straight across the forehead can add a youthful element to long, layered hair (as it does for Zooey Deschanel). It also adds drama to flat-ironed hair. However, bangs aren't for everyone. If your hair grows out wavy from the roots, it likely won't lie flat on your brow line without lots of coaxing. Bangs tend to look best on oval-shaped faces and on women with long or wide foreheads.

Long Hair Care Tips

Of course, as with all hairstyles, long hair like Kate Hudson's takes regular maintenance. Schedule trims every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid split ends and maintain the shape of your cut. Hair that's flat-ironed, hot-rolled, or blow-dried frequently needs extra moisturizing, so ask our hairstylist to recommended quality hair products to keep your hair conditioned and healthy.

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