Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ask Madame Claude

Fall 2012 Hair color Forecast for Blondes...get ready for the bright, bold, retro blonde

Being able to predict the upcoming season’s hottest color trends is all part of being a top colorist. Claude Thomas's next step. Knowing how to help our clients transition into those hot new shades. So what does the blonde hue forecast look like for fall? At Claude Thomas We are Color experts and can  provides the color outlook.

The Retro Blonde

The Forecast: “This fall and winter, we will move away from the sunny, golden blondes and jump into beige-y base colors with creamy, icy highlights.” Says Claudia (AKA Madame Claude)
“It’s all about period looks right now and since beige-y blondes and icy shades are reminiscent of the mid-1960s to early 1970s, they will be super hot for winter!”
What to avoid: “Excessive regrowth!  We encourage our clients to pre-book for every three weeks, four at the most, so their color is always perfect and without banding.”
This look is "Perfect for: Fair skin and light eye colors."
Not recommended for: “Girls with darker eyes and darker complexions should skip the beige and opt for honey!”
Celeb role model: Elizabeth Banks

Claude Thomas for this season can take our clients reds to the max with this sophisticated hue.  Three of the exciting Topchic MaxReds shades are combined to produce this intense composition that's stylish, yet classic. Berry, berry nice, wouldn't you say?

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