Monday, July 13, 2015

Six Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Summer----

Six Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Summer----
for that matter all year


The shaggy haircuts such as the"T Bob" and "The Lob" like pictured below, works great for most hair types and facial shapes.  This designer cut keeps the ends soft and creates movement by the well placed layering. It also creates VOLUME. I recommend using Redken beachy sea salt spray all over and then dry to add texture and more volume as pictured here on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hair

Curly Hair

If you're thinking the shorter hair route, then keeping it above your shoulders and keeping a rounder shape is always easy to manage, And it will give you some personality to your new look. You can rock it when it is cut and shaped properly for your curls and facial features

Fine Hair

You're a perfect candidate for a super short crop such as  Miley Cyrus sports. The choppy tapered ends add the illusion of thickness and the shorter style is easy to bulk up with the right products our stylists recommend, for effortless styling, To create a full, chunky texture, use a volumizing mousse, Redken Guts  and our Powder Play or  Redken Wax Blast. You can cocktail and use all three

Fine hair 
Looking for a longer look for finer hair then opt for a blunt lob. You want to minimize anything like layers or added texture that removes weight to hair if it is fine and thin.  Keeping it more blunt will allow your ends to feel more dense and give a more luscious vibe to the hair.

Coarse Hair
Shorter is better.  Longer hair will require blowing out and realistically, when you live somewhere hot and humid, that kind of heavy styling doesn't last very long . This way, you can simply work with what you have. Or if short is not going to happen for you then consider a Thermal Reconditioning or Keratin treatment. This will cut your styling time down to less than half and assure that your style stays even in the most humidity and frizz free.

Wavy Hair

Is there a reason Gisele has stuck to the same hairstyle for her entire career. YES! The gentle. face-framing layers provide movement and the ability to flick your hair to one side, keeping it off of your face on warm weather days, To enhance natural waves and to keep frizz or fluffiness at bay, I recommend the Curl Control line of Redken. By apply the Redken product throughout the mid-lengths to ends, dry hair and then twist into a low bun, securing with pins to avoid creases. Remove the bun once hair has cooled and dried Ask our stylist for some more fun and exciting styling tips


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