Saturday, April 11, 2015

Our Body betrayals broken down into 7 parts of our body

Many times even before we start to GREY, our hair starts to show the signs of aging. It is lacking shine and luster and the color itself has less hues and vibrancy . The hair feels and looks drier and if we had any frizz before, it gets worse.   Then the grey hair when it appears will create even less of the shine, the vibrancy, and more frizzy dryness issues. Also thinning hair is very aging.

The fixes:  Using the right shampoo and conditioner that your stylist recommends  that is designed for older hair that needs more rejuvenation. Create the subtle youthful color hues with the coloring technique of balayage  and using the proper coloring products such as Redken Chromatics (the fountain of youth in hair coloring). And the hair that is getting finer and thinner the amazing breakthrough product for thinning and finer hair is Revita-hair …Hair Advantage treatment that also has it”s own  line of shampoo and conditioner to enhance your results. And if frizz from either grey hair or just have the Frizz A keratin treatment will fix this creating smooth and shiny hair lasting from 3 to 5 months. 
The hair color  Redken Chromatics is a must
The color technique" Balayage"

The Hair thickener and strengthen  regime 

The Keratin treatment lasting up to 5 months

Our hands are one of the places that betray our age quickest.  They are pretty much always exposed to the sun, even in colder climates when your arms are covered with long sleeves.  Women often see age spots much earlier than they expected to.

The fix: When you're putting sunscreen on your body, always remember the backs of your hands.  Better yet, when you're putting your face creams on, put a dollop onto the backs of your hands as well.  The skin on your hands is thinner than most of your body, so keeping it moisturized is key to youthful skin.  And getting regular manicures will help give you a more youthful look to your hands.  Another tip is stay with more soft, warm and natural color for your polish.

As we've explained before, knees are a part of our bodies that more and more women seek cosmetic surgery to fix. As you age, the skin on your knees loses its elasticity causing a saggy appearance, and small fat deposits may form making your knees look lumpy. 

The fix: Try doing workouts that support knee strength, like lunges and squats, and of course be sure to apply sunscreen. You can also try firming creams like Murad's Body Firming Cream to tighten problem areas.

Ah, the neck.  Another body part with thin skin, the neck is very sensitive to UV rays, pulling, stretching, and wrinkles.  It shows your age quickly because the skin can become saggy and wrinkled.

The fix: Whenever you're using creams, masks, treatments... Always apply to neck area also.  Regenica is an excellent skin repair line to tighten and lift the neck area as well as the face. To Rejevate the neck area, there are quite a few treatments that work remarkably.  
Microdermabrasion, Meta therapy and Glycolic peels will smooth the skin, help tighten, and remove fine lines. Follow up with maintenance with ReGenica and Refissa in the neck area.

The product to use on the area ReGenica and Refissa

Often neglected, feet deal with a lot.  They carry you around, brave the hot sand at the beach, and get crammed into all kinds of shoes.  Besides their constant exposure to the elements, when you wear sandals all summer feet can get cracked and dry.

The fix: Get pedicures! Seriously -- take good care of your feet, make sure they stay moisturized and protected from the sun's rays.

6. CLEAVAGE or Décolletage
Yep, seriously.  The last thing you want is wrinkles and sunspots on your chest! Our cleavage is another thing that's often -- ahem -- exposed, and it sees a lot of sun. 

The fix: Even when it's chilly or cloudy, be sure you're putting SPF on your chest if you'll be stepping out into the sun. It's great to be able to cover and protect your skin with scarves or turtlenecks in the winter, but in summer, that just won't fly!  To Rejevate the Décolletage area, there are several treatments that work remarkably.  Microdermabrasion, Meta therapy and Glycolic peels will smooth the skin, eliminate age spots, and fine lines. Follow up with maintainance with ReGenica and Refissa  in the Décolletage area


Our elbows do a lot -- you rest on them, open doors with them, and probably bend them hundreds of times a day.  So with skin that's already loose to move freely with you, it's bound to sag over time.

The fix: There's not much that'll prevent your elbows from naturally sagging a bit, but be sure to keep them moisturized, always. It'll help keep them looking young! And again ReGenica in the elbow will help with the sagging of the skin.

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