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TEXTURE/Curly Looks and How to achieve the looks

TEXTURE/Curly Looks and How to achieve the looks

Regardless of your  ethnicity, texture, curl pattern or length, this technique with this type of rollers will  create defined, elegant-looking curls.

The Steps
1. Start with clean and Conditioned hair.

Redken "Curvaceous" hair care line is ideal for this look. Separate hair into 1/4´´ to 1´´ sections. The smaller the sectioning the tighter the curli
2. Prepare hair for the rollers by folding the ends with end papers.  Use  Redken's Curvaceous CurlDive

3. Starting at the bottom and rolling upward towards the scalp, wrap sections lengthwise around the roller to form natural spirals.
4. Secure by pinning the inside of the curl lengthwise against the scalp and dry hair completely under a hooded dryer.
5. Gently unwind each roller. Apply  finishing shine and use fingers to gently separate and arrange curls.

Rake & Shake styling technique.
 The secret to this look is to create the curl pattern
 while the hair is damp.


1. Gently blot hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. 

2. Use a leave-in conditioning spray such as "It a 10"  to seal in moisture.

3. Divide hair into 4 to 6 sections and distribute a dollop of styling product ( Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl"  through each section. Separate fingers on one hand and “rake” from scalp to ends, spreading styling cream throughout the section.

4. When you reach the ends, gently “shake” hair back and forth to create curl in the hair.

This is a  halo of diffused curls which  has a softness and natural  movement.

  There is Volume created at the roots which supports the loose shape. This look  flatters the face and creates  a rounded overall shape.

This  halo of diffused curls has a softness that results from natural movement. Volume created at the roots supports the loose shape flattering the face .

First wash with  Redken Smooth Down Sahmpoo and conditioner

1. Blow dry hair using a diffuser with a high heat and low speed, constantly stimulating the hair at the roots to create volume.
2. When hair begins to feel dry, remove the diffuser and blast the roots with the dryer to loosen up the shape.
3. Personalize the finished look, creating width by gently backcombing the sides with fingers and comb.
4. Finish with Bed Head Masterpiece to add shine and long-lasting hold.
5. Repeat the process on all sections; then diffuse hair or let it dry naturally.

Styling Product to use for this style is Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek

Styling product for this look is Redken Smooth Lock Stay sleek

Don't want the curl. Have curl but it is uneven curl and too frizzy, but Don't want to commit to NO CURL
Answer.....Global keratin Treatment

Claude Thomas is an expert in this treatment for hair. We have been doing this keratin treatment for 10 years now. WAY BEFORE MOST SALON EVEN HEARD OF A KERATIN TREATMENT.
Claude Thomas always in the forefront of the salon industry

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