Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brave new world of Hair Coloring

The big story was at one time highlighting, that isn't really new anymore because foil highlights have been around for a long time. However, we’ve come a long way from "streaking" hair where we put blonde color in every one's hair from black to brown to red or mousey blonde.
Foiling isn't new  but what makes the physical technique of foiling brilliant, is in the stylist skill level, imagination and vision. Just looking at the foil on someone head does not tell the whole story. What makes dimensional coloring an art form is the type of weave, thin weaving or slicing, medium weave or thicker chuck placement. Now put to that equation where the placement of the patterning and color formulation will be within the hair itself. One can foil in 10 different colors on one head in all shapes and patterning to create the finishing touch to the person individual signature look and style. With foiling or blocking technique in dimensional coloring, you are making a one of a kind color and style for each individual client. Like beautiful little snowflakes that are unique and none exactly the same. What this type of coloring creates is, your own unique hair color and style.

Hair Coloring has evolved into a Living Art Form something quite different. Creative hair colorist’s now add splashes of color or color just the bottom part for a two tone effect and are using a full palette of up to six contrasting shades for a rainbow effect. You’re now only limited by your imagination and just how daring you want to be. It’s a brave exciting new world of color and the sky’s the limit; here are a few examples of hair art coloring effects showing up around the globe.

Claude Thomas is unsurpassed in the beauty industry for our dimensional hair coloring. From subtle to bold whatever you want to be

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