Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Introducing Dr. Sophie Simeakis-Barrelli, D.O. to our Med Spa

Welcome Dr. Sophia Simeakis-Barrelli,D.O.
On a personal note I love Dr Sofia.
She was the first Physician who did my Artefill and she puts the Art in Artefill.  Dr Sofia has a very special gift besides her caring attitude, tons of experience and expertise, she has an artistic eye of a sculptor. This sets her apart from a lot of other physicians in this field.

Dr Sofia's passion and enthusiasm for increasing your self confidence and happiness through esthetic medicine is infectious. Her caring attitude expertise, experience and quality of work makes her one of the top in her field in the nation. And she right here so easily accessible.

Begin with a consultation with Dr Sofia. She will suggest how  to best achieve your beautification goals. As a leading expert, she knows whether to recommend laser treatments, cosmetic injection/fillers--or both.

Artefill has immediate results and last up to 7 years. It is a filler that can be used to create a liquid eyebrow lift, eye lift, correct eye bags and or circles, and a face lift that will last as long as any surgical lift. Artefill is a dual action filler, which has micro-spheres which remain permanent and stimulates your natural collagen production, making this a permanent result.
Dr Sofia has used Artefill for nasalobial folds (smile lines), lip augmentation, acne scars, eyebrow lifts, cheek volume, jawlines and liquid face lifts. 
 Can it take the place of surgery?
A leading expert in this filler procedure, Dr Sofia says "Yes, and without the pain. The eyebrow lifts I have done with Artefill have provided amazing results. I've also gotten beautiful outcomes after filling the hollowness of eyes and the crow feet next to the eyes.
Dr Sofia is one of only ten physicians in the country that is designated as a center of excellence for Artefill. "Not only do I administer this product, but I also train other physicians how to use it", says Dr. Sofia. Since introducing Artefill into my office, I have successfully treated over 500 patients, with beautiful results and no complications.
Before and after Artefill injections
Liquid face lift

Artefill for filling in hollowness on eyes

Artefill just get better with time
Artefill Face lift
Artefill  Filler for eyes and jaw line

Artefill for eyes and nasolobial folds
Seeing is believing

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